Tom McTigue

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Thu, Jun 15, 2017
Fri, Jun 16, 2017
Sat, Jun 17, 2017

Tom McTigue

Originally from Washington State, comedian Tom McTigue can be seen performing his particular brand of insanity on HBO, Showtime and Comedy Central. He continues to tour both nationally and internationally.

An accomplished actor, Tom has worked with Academy Award ® winners Janusz Kaminski (Amistad, Shindlers List, Saving Private Ryan) and Robert Richardson (The Aviator, Platoon). He has co- starred with a virtual who's-who of Hollywood. Christopher Meloni, Cybil Shephard, Noah Wylie, Tim Curry, Craig T. Nelson, Roseanne Barr and Wayne Newton have all shared the spotlight with Tom. He created, produced and starred in the series "Guys Like Us" for ABC- TV, co-starring Robert Hays from Airplane! and continues to write comedy material for many top headlining performers.

Tom is also busy working in commercials. His face and voice are instantly recognizable, having been featured in over 350 national TV campaigns as the spokesman for everything from Miller Beer to Disney World. Constantly in demand, Tom has been on-air non-stop for a whopping 25 consecutive years!

He is a single father, currently living with his teenage daughter in Austin, Texas

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